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Low G Sensitivity Cesium Atomic
Frequency Reference Assembly for Airborne Applications


MTI introduces the next generation of atomic references for rugged military and airborne applications that combines Cesium atomic clock performance with MTI's patented Low-G sensitivity DOCXO in a small outline hermetically sealed package. The Precision Reference generates a highly accurate frequency (typically < ±5E-11 after 24hrs) with very low phase noise performance in dynamic environments.
The device is also capable of locking to an external frequency reference or GPS. The entire assembly uses less than 16W at -40°C, offers fast warm-up of < 9min. to an accuracy of ±4E-10 at any operating temperature. RS-422 provides communication, control and status reporting along with wired RS422 level status outputs. Thermal interface allows for use with minimal direct airflow such as encountered at high altitudes. Multiple options are available to offer a customized high performance next generation Atomic Frequency Reference.

Design Note: Base models can be customized to your specifications within the performance ranges shown below.

Electrical Performance and Features

  • Frequency Outputs: 5MHz (qty 3) & 80 MHz (qty 7)
  • Supply Voltage: 12VDC and 15 VDC
  • Warm Up Power Consumption: 12VDC, 24 W Max. ; 15VDC, 4 W Max.
  • Phase Noise: See phase noise graphs
  • Continuous Power Consumption: 12VDC, 12 W, 15VDC, 3.75 W @ -40°C
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +71°C, Non-Operating -55°C to 90°C
  • Temperature Stability: ± 4.5E-10 (Reference=Internal Cesium)
  • Magnetic Sensitivity: ±1E-10/Gauss (Reference=Internal Cesium)
  • Aging (Max), Internal CS Locked: Per Day ±3E-11, Per Month ±3.0E-10, Per Year ±1.0E-09, For Life, 15 years without Calibration, ±2.0E-08 (after 30days continous operation, reference=Internal Cesium)
  • Acceleration Sensitivity:< ±1.0E-10/g/axis (For Ultra Low-G Options, consult factory)
  • Retrace: ±5.0E-11 after 2 hours (Reference=Internal Cesium)
  • Warm Up Time/Stabilization time: < 9 minutes at -40°C to ±4.0E-10 (Any Reference)
  • Allan Deviation: 1s 7E-12, 10s 7.0E-12, 100s 1.0E-11, 1000s 8.0E-12 (Reference=Internal Cesium)
  • Atomic Standard: Internal Cesium Clock
  • Radiation Hardened: Total Dose Gamma, Total Dose Neutron, Prompt Dose Gamma, Prompt dose Neutron
  • EMI and EMP: EMI and EMP protected
  • Ruggedized Design: For high shock and vibration airborne environments
  • Serial Interface: RS-422 serial communication, user command and control set
  • Selectable Reference: Using hardware Bit or software serial communications port selectable internal Cesium, external 5MHz-10 MHz, 1PPs, or optional internal GPS receiver.
  • Bit Function Options: Hardware using 3 differential pairs (RS422 levels) or software serial communication port (RS422)
  • Auto Calibration: Internal CS Auto Calibration from external reference, Manual Calibration resolution ±1E-12
  • Hermetically Sealed Chassis: Fine leak per MIL-STD-883G
  • Connectors: RF outputs, 9 SMA Female connectors, RF input, 1 SMA Female, All SMA connectors are field replaceable, Power-BIT-COMM -DIFF PAIR 5MHz on 31pin Micro-D
  • Package Dimensions: 6.0"x6.8"x1.5", weight 3.25lbs
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