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MTI combines proprietary technology with high volume manufacturing, so that your oscillators precisely meet your design parameters. Whatever your requirement, such as meeting thermal stability, phase noise performance or a unique frequency, we can accommodate you. By purchasing oscillators from MTI, you will receive a high quality, precise, and stable frequency control product that will allow you to push your systems to their next level of performance.


We work closely with our customers from design realization, through prototyping, to full-scale production. Using advanced modeling, simulation and analysis techniques during product design in conjunction with rigorous verification testing in production, assures that our products fully meet the demands of your application. MTI offers outstanding product quality backed by a two year warranty!


With applications ranging from portable battery powered cellular systems to satellite navigation and global telecommunication networks, MTI products are found in thousands of programs around the world. As the demands of the marketplace increase, MTI is ready to meet your challenges. We are committed to on-going internal research and development programs that focus on both product innovation and enhanced manufacturing processes.

Vibration Testing Services

MTI-Milliren Technologies, Inc. is capable of providing vibration testing services for evaluation of device survivability in conditions such as military, operational, endurance or transportation requirements. The technical staff at MTI has extensive experience in this area and are ready and willing to assist with your needs. We are the vibration professionals! Learn More