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GPS Disciplined GPSDO


The Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) is available either as a rugged military or a commercial frequency reference that allows Cesium atomic clock or Stratum I performance on either stationary or mobile platforms. The GPSDO generates a highly accurate frequency (typically < 5E-12 after 24hrs) with very low phase noise performance. The entire assembly uses less than 8W at +25°C using a 16-34V supply. A one pulse per second (1PPS) output is available. Additionally, the GPSDO offers fast warm-up of <9min. to an accuracy of 1E-08 at +25°C. The receiver offers GPS signal tracking down to -160dBm. RS-232 is available for communication, control and status reporting along with TTL Built-in-test (BIT) status outputs. Multiple options are available to offer a customized high performance next generation GPS disciplined frequency reference.


Frequency Output: 5MHz/10MHz (Custom Frequency Options Available)
Retrace: ±5E-09 After 2 Hours
Frequency Stability: 2.0E-10 Over Temperature (Hold Over)
Acceleration Sensivity: <±2E-010/g/Axis
Supply Voltage: 16-34VDC
Power Consumption: 8W at +25°C
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
GPS Antenna: Active
GPS Sensitivity: Acquisition -144 dBm, Tracking -160 dBm
GPS Receiver: 50 Channels, Mobile, GPS, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS capable
1 PPS Accuracy: <±50ns to UTC RMS (1-sigma) GPS locked
Holdover Stability: <±7μs Over 24 Hour Period at +25°C (No Motion)
1 PPS Output (OCXO Flywheel Generated): CMOS Output
RF Outputs: 2 @ 10MHz, 1 @ 5MHz, 13dBm ±2dB Sinewave, SMA 50 Ω
RS-232 Control: Control Commands, BIT Status Registers, and NMEA data (2nd com port)
Time To First Fix: Cold Start <45 Second, Warm Start 1 Second, Hot Start 1 second.
Warm Up Time / Stabilization Time: <9 Minutes at +25°C to 1E-08 Accuracy, GPS lock 20 min. any condition.
TTL Alarm Output: GPS Unlock, RF level BIT, Oven Temp BIT Status signals
Performance parameters may be customized for specific applications.
Testing of all parameters is available as required.

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