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Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs)


Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators. VCXOs are used in PLL's and other applications requiring a wide tuning range. Our VCXOs are available with tuning ranges from ±25ppm to ±400ppm with excellent tuning linearity. MTI's VCXO products are available in multiple configurations to suit your specific requirement.

Design Note: Base models can be customized to your specifications within the performance ranges shown below.

Frequency Range

  • 64 kHz to 160 MHz


  • Phase Locked Loops (PLL)
  • Digital Telephony
  • SARSAT Beacon
Typical Performance
Parameters Available Range
Freq. Stab. vs. Supply V (±5%) ±0.5ppm
Freq. Stab. vs. Load (±5%) ±0.5ppm
Aging ±2ppm/year
Power Consumption 30mW (clipped sine)
Phase Noise 1Hz -50dBc
  10Hz -80dBc
  100Hz -110dBc
  1kHz -125dBc
  10kHz 100 kHz-140dBc
  100kHz -140dBc
Tuning Slope Positive

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