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High Reliability Space Flight OCXO
Pyro-Shock Insensitive


MTI-Milliren Technologies, Inc. offers a high relialibility Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) to defense and aerospace OEM's with the 220 Series now available with integrated pyro-shock isolation in a 1/3 cubic inch hermetically sealed package. Designed to withstand the most demanding flight environments, the 220 Series has been tested and has survived multiple 1000g shocks as well as random acceleration of 24g rms up to 2kHz without degradation in performance (Post Launch).

The 220 Series is available nuclear hardened to tactical levels for Prompt Dose Gamma, Neutron and space flight levels for Total Dose Gamma exposures as well as Heavy Ion with no latch-up behavior. The 220 Series maintains a lengthy heritage from MTI's proven space flight technology and is available in a frequency range of 5MHz to 200MHz with thermal stability performance of ±1.0E-08 from –54°C to +85°C at 10MHz. This rugged precision OCXO is ideal for Space and Airborne environments.

Design Note: Base models can be customized to your specifications within the performance ranges shown below.

Electrical Performance (Typical)

  • Output Frequency: 10.000MHz
  • Thermal Stability: ±1.0E-08
  • Temperature Range: -54°C to +85°C
  • Frequency Tolerance: ±1.0E-07 @ +25°C
  • Daily Aging: 1.0E-09/day after 24 Hours Continuous Operation
  • Mechanical Tuning: ±1.2E-06
  • Warm Up: 1.0E-08 after 3 Minutes referenced to 30 Minutes @ -40°C
  • Oven Supply Voltage and Power: 20VDC +/-5%; 7.5W Warm-up, 1.8W continuous at -40°C
  • Oscillator Supply Voltage and Power: 10 to 16VDC; 0.2W Max.
  • Output Power: +1dBm ±2dB
  • Short Term Stability: 5.0E-12 at 1 Second

  • GPS Receivers
  • Instrumentation, PC, VXI/VME
  • V-SAT Terminals
  • Rack Mounted Applications
  • Cellular Paging Base Stations

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